Business Concept

We design, develop, and manage, information sites through the technological applications made available by broadband networks. We apply this technology and our know-how to bring together the needs of the users and the marketing potential of the advertisers to meet the ever-changing market demands. Our Marketing Solution Services (MSS), support the various Customer Relationship Management (CRM), by incorporating the unique features of your company's technology, service or product to identify and target the largest potential audience through our know-how and the integrated network of our affiliated companies.

Web Site Solutions-Marketing Solution Services (MSS)

Through our MSS, marketing program information (customer profiles) is captured and stored in a database. As the users "click" and view through the various sources of information available to them, this information is collected and collated and through a unique marketing program, presented to "corporate members" for their analysis. The reports provide profiles and preferences of the users and how your advertising program appeals to those users, and ultimately how you can target your "high profile" viewers or reevaluate your advertisement to appeal to and reach a broader base of viewers.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Based on the results of the MSS analysis, Protomedia can arrange for a special, customized research report that can help in analyzing and identifying specific viewers' trends, for example, during different seasons or for a specific product, such as a specific female trend in shopping, accommodations or beauty products. In effect, CRM brings your advertising message to a targeted, specific audience that meets your profile and enhances the overall effectiveness of your advertising campaign and ROI. It will assist management and the sales and marketing team in evaluating or reevaluating your advertising and marketing program to better meet the needs of your customers or to capture new markets and new customers.

Life-Style Contents Service Provider Plan (LSP)

In combining the technologies and programming of MSS and CRM we are able to target customers based on their life-styles, interests, hobbies or other personal profiles. We can thus develop and create exclusive broadband life-style portal sites aimed at capturing that audience base. We can then develop advertising promotions that serve these interests of our client with those of the viewers as an effective Life-Style Content Service Provider. Such life styles might be targeted at Golf Information, the Silver Market, Kids and Young Adults, Fishing, English and Education, etc., to name a few.

About "FunResort"

Commence at November 2001
Site for the beach resort information, where Japanese love to visit.
Develop ad promotion service to the hotels oversea, bureaus, the shopping center, travel agencies and air line companies.